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pichu can learn wish? do you have one that ha it??
no, but take a look at this http://pokemon.marriland.com/hgss/pokedex/pichu/

it can learn it by egg move.
kk now i have to figure out how to make it have that.
don't worry richkid, i have like 40 70 eevee that all have wish. ill send you one if you want xD
sonic LMK when we can trade. and im going to be donating a ton of piplups and cyndaquils and maybe something else. all at Lv. 1 so they arent great but they are bred by me.
The times i am availlable are in my bio. Do you have a female member of the pikachu line? (raichu or pichu)
just a billion.
When r u availlable? im not gonna be here from 6:00 - around 9:00
I couldn't find anywhere else to post this, so...

[Image: pikabanner.png]

How many points does this get? =3
Awesome banner! would probably earn you 10 points. You would post these in your bank account.
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