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Full Version: sonicyellow's Bank Account
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Username: sonicyellow

Wi-Fi Wins: (5 points each)

Wi-Fi Losses: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Trades: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournaments Won: (20 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournament Participation: (5 points each)

Premier Events Attended: (5 points each)

League Sessions Attended: (2 points each)

Win A Shoddy Tournament: (20 points each)

Participate in a Shoddy Tournament: (5 points each)

Defeating me in my various Challenges: (20 points each)

Donate Pokemon to the bank: (5-10 points) Decided by me.

Make a banner advertising our site: (5-10 points each) 40 total
4 so far graded a 10.
Submit an article: (5-10 points each)

Keeping active: (5 posts/point) 32 points
162 posts
Refer members: (5 points each)

Special Points: Varies
Tourney 5 Points

Total Points:97

Pokepets: Pikachu lv 31 math.floor(91/3 + 1)
Added in points for the banner. I will update the post count sometime next week. Usually when I am bored is when I do this.
wow i didnt even see that part Smile

do i just post stuff here that gets me points?
Yes. I knew you did the banner so that is why i gave you the points.
Ok, just wanted to clarify.
second banner at 10 again. another 5 points for helping organize/initiate the pokechu tourney.
Pokechu tourny banner @10 points. 16 more coming Wink

EDIT: another Pokechu banner done for 10 more points, 15 more coming up...
Who graded the last banner you did? After I find oout then I will update it since it is between 5-10 points for the banner depending on quality.
me. and can you do his other ones?
richkid can you add points for my banners now instead of waiting till im done all of them? i cant use my laptop 4 a while (im currently using my wii so please dont mind my spelling mistakes)
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