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Full Version: nabby101's Bank Account
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Here's my bank acccount.

Username: nabby101

Wi-Fi Wins: (5 points each)

Wi-Fi Losses: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Trades: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournaments Won: (20 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournament Participation: (5 points each)

Premier Events Attended: (5 points each)

League Sessions Attended: (2 points each)

Win A Shoddy Tournament: (20 points each)

Participate in a Shoddy Tournament: (5 points each)

Defeating me in my various Challenges: (20 points each)

Donate Pokemon to the bank: (5-10 points) Decided by me.

Make a banner advertising our site: (5-10 points each)

Submit an article: (5-10 points each)

Keeping active: (5 posts/point) 56 points
280 posts

Refer members: (5 points each) x5 = 25

Special Points: Varies

Total Points: 81 - 70 = 11

Purchased: Arceus (70 points)

Pokepets: Weavile Lv.94 math.floor(280/3 + 1)
It was suppose to be a starter pokemon, but whatever.
Who edited my post?
It was Sneasel originally.
Who wrote "Weavile LV 71 math.floor(212/3 + 1)"?
Whatever, I'll change it to Mudkip.
Who do you think edited it? I am the one updating the threads. The point of the level up is that it has to reach level 100 before you get a new one. It also evolves at whatever level it would evolve at, unless you post saying you don't want it to evolve. Math.floor is a function that makes all numbers with a decimal be rounded down. So 5.9 would still be rounded to five not six.
I'll change mine back to Weavile then, 'cause like 4 people have Mudkipz...
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