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Full Version: Triple Star Kirby's Bank Account
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Username: Triple Star Kirby

Wi-Fi Wins: (5 points each)

Wi-Fi Losses: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Trades: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournaments Won: (20 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournament Participation: (5 points each)

Premier Events Attended: (5 points each)

League Sessions Attended: (2 points each)

Win A Shoddy Tournament: (20 points each)

Participate in a Shoddy Tournament: (5 points each)

Defeating me in my various Challenges: (20 points each)

Donate Pokemon to the bank: (5-10 points) Decided by me.

Make a banner advertising our site: (5-10 points each)
1 at 10 points
Submit an article: (5-10 points each)

Keeping active: (5 posts/point) 3 points
16 posts

Refer members: (5 points each)

Special Points: Varies


Total Points:13

Charmander lv 6 math.floor(16/3 + 1)
Ehh... I don't think I'm going to get that much money. I don't really play the TCG or VG competitively very often.
EDIT: What are Pokepets?
but if you post you can. make some banners. that can help.
You can have any starter pokemon as you pokepet for free. Like Mudkip or Chimchar.
Can I have Kirby? No? How about Pikachu? Still no? What about... Charmander?
Charmander it is.
I made a banner... don't I get points for that?
can i see it?
[Image: pokechubanner1c.png]
okay going in now
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