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Full Version: My Cute Little Pixels that Everyone Wants
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Well, I finally got my wifi going and you know what that means!
If you want to know the moves or stats for a certain pokemon just ask.


Rotom Lv.20 (Timid, no EV's, Levitate)
Vaporeon Lv.20♂ (Hasty, no EV's, Water Absorb)
Weavile Lv.20♀ (Lonely, no EV's, Pressure)*
Pikachu Lv.24♀ (Bashful, no EV's, Static)
Giratina Lv.51 (Brave, unknown EV's (not many though), Pressure)
Hippowdon Lv.51♂ (Gentle, no EV's, Sand Stream)
Gengar Lv.55♂ (Gentle, unknown EV's, Levitate)*
Uxie Lv.55 (Docile, no EV's, Levitate)
Luxray Lv.57♂ (Hardy, unknown EV's, Rivalry)
Gyarados Lv.64♀ (Modest, unknown EV's, Intimidate)
Staraptor Lv.65♂ (Quiet, unknown EV's, Intimidate)
Garchomp Lv.67♂ (Hardy, unknown EV's, Sand Veil)
Houndoom Lv.67♀ (Quiet, unknown EV's, Early Bird)
Torterra Lv.67♀ (Bold, unknown EV's, Overgrow)
Infernape Lv.98♂ (Bashful, no EV's, Blaze)*
Gliscor Lv.100♂ (Rash, unknown EV's, Sand Veil)
Empoleon Lv.100♀ (Quiet, unknown EV's, Torrent)
Luxray Lv.100♀ (Impish, unknown EV's, Intimidate)
Darkrai Lv.100 (Quirky, no EV's, Bad Dreams)*
Spiritomb Lv.100 (Jolly, unknown EV's (came from a trade), Pressure)
Shaymin Lv.100 (Sassy, no EV's, Natural Cure)*

And other weaker ones. More coming soon.
Note: * = Mining Museum Pokemon (Action Replay)

Wants: (all at less than lv.100) (More stars = I want it more)
Hoenn Regi's (nature/EV's don't matter)

Rayquaza (nature boosting either ATK/SP.ATK, prefferably EV'd in ATK, SP.ATK, and/or Speed****

Deoxys (speed raising nature, EV'd in Speed and ATK/SP.ATK)***

Infernape (Hasty, no EV's)****

Dragonite (Jolly, EV'd in ATK/Speed)****

Uxie (Bold, EV'd in DEF and HP)***

Togekiss (Calm, EV'd in SP.DEF and HP, Serene Grace)***

Starmie (Timid, EV'd in SP.ATK and Speed, Natural Cure)****

Other Hoenn/Johto legendaries***

Event Pokemon****

Quite specific, but if you have any of these then hopefully we can work something out. I will also CYL.

Thanks for reading!
My Scizor for your Snorlax?
Can you elaborate on the Scizor?
Level, nature, EV's, etc.
Level 50 adamant. 252 HP, 252 ATk, 6 speed. I thought you would know since I battle on wifi that I would use good natured Pokemon.
Ok deal. I'm new to the wifi trading though... so how do we make the trade?
Through GTS?
No. You go to the bottom floor of the Pokemon Center and we have to have each other's Friend Codes.
OK. My Pearl FC is 5328 1505 6761.
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