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Professor dragonexpert's Bank Thread - Professor dragonexpert - 11-16-2009 11:24 AM

Username: Professor dragonexpert

Wi-Fi Wins: (5 points each)

Wi-Fi Losses: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Trades: (2 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournaments Won: (20 points each)

Wi-Fi Tournament Participation: (5 points each)

Premier Events Attended: (5 points each)

League Sessions Attended: (2 points each)

Win A Shoddy Tournament: (20 points each)

Participate in a Shoddy Tournament: (5 points each)

Defeating me in my various Challenges: (20 points each)

Donate Pokemon to the bank: (5-10 points) Decided by me.

Make a banner advertising our site: (5-10 points each)

Submit an article: (5-10 points each)

Keeping active: (5 posts/point) 24
124 posts
Refer members: (5 points each)

Special Points: Varies


Total Points:24

Pokepets:Charizard LV. 42 math.floor(124/3 + 1)