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Pokechu Point System
11-16-2009, 11:21 AM
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Pokechu Point System
Here are the ways you can earn points that can go towards items, pokemon, and a staff membership. Lying about them will immediately disqualify you from any rewards. Additionally, any points you have earned will be zeroed out. Do not start your own Bank Thread. I will start one for you.

Battle over wi-fi: 5 points for a win, 2 points for a loss. Defeating me results in 10 points for a win.

Trade over wi-fi: 2 points each: Maximum of six trades that count from the same member within 24 hours.

Win a Deck Contest: 20 points, unless otherwise noted.

Participating in Deck Contest: 5 points.

Win a wi-fi tournament: 20 points, unless otherwise noted.

Participating in wi-fi tournament: 5 points.

Win a Shoddy Tournament: 20 points, unless otherwise noted.

Participating in a Shoddy Tournament: 5 points.

Defeat me in one of my special challenges: 20 points, maximum of three attempts in 24 hours.

Playing a Premier Event, including prereleases: 5 points.

Go to your areas local league session: 2 Points each time.

Making a banner that advertises this site: Varies. PM me the banner and I will choose the number oif points to award.

Submit an article: 5-10 points depending on the quality.

Donating pokemon to the bank: PM me with the pokemon's summary; I will then choose how many points to award.

Donating Items to the bank: You can only donate items that aren't listed. All TM's and Berries are currently available. Depends on item for points.

Keeping active. Every 5 non-spam posts will get you one point.

Special Points may be awarded by me for certain things at any time.

I would greatly appreciate it if everyone replies in their thread at least once so I can do post count more quickly and easily.

You may transfer points to another member at any time. Please post in your bank thread saying how many points to transfer and who they go to.
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12-02-2009, 12:04 AM
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RE: Pokechu Point System
Post count points will not be done unless you make a reply in your thread.
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