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What Will Happen Next? (YPPY)
12-03-2009, 05:50 AM
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What Will Happen Next? (YPPY)
This is a game from pokebeach if you wish to know.

Here is how it goes, The first person (me) will ask a question about something that is happening. You choose A,B,or C to answer the question. The user who answered the question will go on with the story and will ask another question.

Be sure to put A,B,or C as the answers.

Example: Fred used an action replay on his Pearl Version DS game. Fred can now do anything he wants. Suddenly, an Arceus appeares right in front of him, steals his pokemon, and flys away. Should he...

A-Fly as well
B-Hit Officer Jenny for not catching it
C-Kick scream and cry

If you really want to know, the example is the first part of the story so choose A,B,or C.
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