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HG/SS Pre-release
01-31-2010, 11:32 AM
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HG/SS Pre-release
***Any information regarding the pre-release you attended goes in this thread***

So I get my 6 packs and I open them. In one pack, I got BOTH LUGIA LEGEND PIECES AND A HO-OH TOP!!! I was excited! I then got the reverse holo RED GYRADOS and a Reverse Holo Gyrados! There were only 2 of them in the whole store. I was really lucky! Pichu Promo, Sleeves, etc. I traded Ho-oh top for Feraligator, for my water deck. Unfortunately, no DCE. That got me a little mad. Decent Trainers(no Elm's...ugh!!) Butterfree for healing(only 1-1-1 O.O) New Pokemon that can't be hurt while asleep(which is awesome, except they only have 30 HP-_-". Tyrogue is my favorite of those. Other good cards include Reverse Holo Donphan, Rare Hypno(pretty decent Power), Reverse Holo Slowking, Shuckle's pretty cool, and MILTANK(lol, not really).

Then I start battling. I decided to go with a 2-2 Gyrados Line for my main, which was good tahnks to some other cards. I won my first round against my friend, Warren. Then I went against a good guy named Peter. I lost ONLY because I got only energy on the first turn. Shuffled agains and got only energies. Then I got 1 Poke and rest are energies. You can see how I lost. Then against a guy named Matt. I heard he was good and he was undefeated. However, I quickly OHKO'd him with Gyrados. Next round, I lost to a friend named Nate. He was lucky, because I only got one Pokemon. Nuff Said. I won my last round.

Overall, it was a really fun Pre-release. I love the new sets! The Johto Region will test us all!
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