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Chat Box Rules
12-13-2009, 12:25 AM
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Chat Box Rules
I didn't think I would have to post them, but I am going to just so everyone will be on the same page.

1. No flaming anyone

2. Do not minimod. The staff reviews the chat log everyday. If you find a violation of the rules in the chat log, you may PM a moderator ar an administrator or simply ignore the rule violation and the staff will take proper action.

3. No cursing. Forum wide rules include the chat box.

4. Do not scroll the chat log needlessly by spelling out a word with multiple posts. It takes longer for the staff to review the chat log and is harder to read. if someone posts something funny, it is ok to put lol or something along those lines, just make sure normal entrees have more than one or two words.

5. Do not type in all caps. This is considered yelling.

6. Don't abuse smiley's or punction marks. The term abuse is at the moderator or administrator's discretion.

7. Type in a readable color. If you can't easily read your post, assume the staff can't either. Choose an easily readable color or just don't use any color codes to type in black.

8. No advertising. While it is ok to link to sites like youtube and Pokebeach, it is not ok to link to a private website or forum.

9. Use common sense. If I missed a rule and it seems like something you shouldn't do, don't do it. If you have any quesitons, either post in the "Rules Question thread" or PM me.
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